Changing It Up! 

From now on I will be making all my posts on this blog and sharing them on Facebook!

I want friends, family, customers, & potential customers to be more a part of my business and interact on a regular basis!

So I will be posting photos, videos, and more from this blog! And if you have the Wix app, you will be able to follow me better!

So download the Wix app TODAY or this teddy bear will attack you! http://wix.to/iEAKBAg

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About the Artist/Owner

I have been face painting since 2001 and body painting since 2007. I started in Helen, GA painting on the street for tips and have traveled far and wide to develop and show off my skills. We only use the highest quality, FDA compliant, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic paints on the market. My crew and I pride ourselves on supplying great artwork and smiles! Contact us if you would like the same!

​​© Copyright 2013 Designs by Daniel Lasris, Katmandew Face & Body Art