Body painting is a growing industry and becoming more and more popular in every aspect of life. There are some who feel it is inappropriate and consider it porn, but that couldn't be the furthest from the truth. This is ART, we just use the body as a canvas to create a moving masterpiece that will WOW and DAZZLE everyone!

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$15+ Body Designs

$30+ Bust

$75+ Upper Half

$50+ Lower Half


$200+ Full Body

(Can take 2-8 hours)


$1000 per day

(8 hours NO Full Body Painting)


$3000 per day

(12 hours, 2 Full Body Paintings)


18+ yrs of age or older ONLY


$0.50 per mile 

Traveling Cost Roundtrip

We do private paintings for anyone who is interested and include photos you can share with everyone. You can see some examples and how much we charge in the gallery strip below.


If you are going to have a festival, party or event and would like to benefit from our services, our daily rates are the best in the area. If you would like photography also, you can find out more information by visiting our PHOTOGRAPHY page.

There are other ways you can utilize our body art: (Call us if you have any further inquiries)



We can use your logos for your business and paint up a model that can help to bring in more business and gain attention that will put focus where it needs to be, your pocket. We can even paint a model for promotional material that you can use for online media and print. You have seen it done on TV with Delta Faucets and the Campbell's Soup Seahawk commercials during the Superbowl. Get in on this unique opportunity and call us for a quote today.



There are many comic and anime conventions that happen throughout the year and many people make their own costumes and do their own makeup, but we are able to push it to the next level with custom body painting that will make the crowd shout with joy. Call us if you are going to one and would like our services.



Yes, that is right. Even though it says 18+ ONLY, we do make exceptions and as long as private parts are covered, we can provide a special moment captured in a photo. Samples are in the gallery below.

Plan on getting a body painting?

Females need a thong and you can purchase them here. Men will also need a thong and you can purchase them here!



About the Artist/Owner

I have been face painting since 2001 and body painting since 2007. I started in Helen, GA painting on the street for tips and have traveled far and wide to develop and show off my skills. We only use the highest quality, FDA compliant, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic paints on the market. My crew and I pride ourselves on supplying great artwork and smiles! Contact us if you would like the same!